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Database Applications...

Your business is constantly changing, as is the whole business environment. A piece of software 'written in stone' does not give you the agility and flexibility to adapt to these changes.  You need the ability to have your software keep pace with the ongoing development of the business world.   Examples...

Our client 'A' receives orders from their customers which they enter into the database we had created for them. A very important client of theirs wanted to send their order information by EDI transmission to streamline matters, and within a few days we provided our client with changes to facilitate this, thereby enhancing our client's position with their customer, and with the extra benefit of taking away the laborious procedure of entering detailed orders.

Our client 'B' warehouses products for a variety of customers, but won new business where the new customer wanted the methods of stock holding, control, and reporting to fit exactly in with their way of doing things. Again within a short period we had provided software to let our clients give their customer exactly what they wanted, again to their benefit and reputation.

Project Management...

Sometimes a one-off project appears, but though important, it does not justify new permanent staff to oversee it, since once in full use, the extra staff would no longer be needed.  Example...

Our client 'C' installed a new intranet system to be used by various branches but could not spare anyone senior to train and familiarise the users and be available to trouble-shoot problems while it was bedding in.  We were able to provide a senior and responsible person to take on this role who only needed to be engaged for the time it took to establish the project.

Sales & Marketing...

Despite having an established sales force, sometimes a bit of extra effort is required in a certain sector, but the campaign may short.  Example...

Our client 'D'  decided to enter a new business area but needed sales literature and brochures developed for the project, which is a time consuming task that needs someone with skill and experience. We were able to provide that skill and experience until the task was completed.


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